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I began…

I began traveling at the speed of thought
my body weary my consciousness fraught,
with the realization that we are more
than stardust at our very core.

I began thinking at the speed of thought
as my memory searched for which I sought,
the whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts
it was there I chose to make a start.

My thoughts moving faster than the speed of sound
mere atoms and particles could not be found.
The matter of mind though visible in light
was not what I sought, not now, not quite.

I began thinking at the speed of light
beyond the boundaries of mere sight,
searching for what is at the core
I looked inside the open door.

I began pondering thought itself
not material in nature, I thought to myself.
If matter were all and everything we are,
an evolution to consciousness from a mere star?

I began to see with a spiritual sight
materiality at last, having lost the fight.
Bringing to mind that we are certainly more
than stardust at our very core!

Gene Simia*

At the Speed of God

*Who is Gene Simia? I haven’t the faintest idea, I never met him and I probably never will. All I know is that he is an American from Ohio whose “interests include: Study of history, science, mathematics, music and the humanities (…) writing poetry, small stories(for children), pianist, singer and percussionist.”

Verdade Antiga (Ancient Truth).

Uma das possíveis coisas em comum entre uma verdade antiga e uma velha senhora é que o simples pensamento de que é preciso vê-las nuas nos deixa desconfortáveis.

Ancient Truth: Acts -Ed HurstWe Are The Tribulation Church
… Most of the churches I’ve known or been a part of are not ready. They have absorbed entirely too much of this age’s false wisdom in practice and theology. …
… We who have already embraced these things will be seen as held by a solid anchor, riding above the storms, at peace on the Rock. There is no organization to join, no franchise, Christ of Sinai - Most ancient iconno membership or certification. …
Ed Hurst

“Não pensem que vim abolir a Lei ou os Profetas; não vim abolir, mas cumprir.
Mateus 5: 17