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I began…

I began traveling at the speed of thought
my body weary my consciousness fraught,
with the realization that we are more
than stardust at our very core.

I began thinking at the speed of thought
as my memory searched for which I sought,
the whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts
it was there I chose to make a start.

My thoughts moving faster than the speed of sound
mere atoms and particles could not be found.
The matter of mind though visible in light
was not what I sought, not now, not quite.

I began thinking at the speed of light
beyond the boundaries of mere sight,
searching for what is at the core
I looked inside the open door.

I began pondering thought itself
not material in nature, I thought to myself.
If matter were all and everything we are,
an evolution to consciousness from a mere star?

I began to see with a spiritual sight
materiality at last, having lost the fight.
Bringing to mind that we are certainly more
than stardust at our very core!

Gene Simia*

At the Speed of God

*Who is Gene Simia? I haven’t the faintest idea, I never met him and I probably never will. All I know is that he is an American from Ohio whose “interests include: Study of history, science, mathematics, music and the humanities (…) writing poetry, small stories(for children), pianist, singer and percussionist.”