Anthem For Christmas (Hino para o Natal)

In the space of the beginning was the living Word of Light.
When this Word was clearly spoken all that came to be was right.
All creation had a language, words to say what must be said,
All day long the heavens whispered signing words in scarlet red.

Some failed to understand it, so God spoke His final Word,
On a silent night in Judah’s Hills a baby’s cry was heard.

“Glory!” sang the angel chorus, “Glory!” echoed back the night,
Love has come to walk among us, Christ the Lord is born this night.

All creation sing His praises Earth and heaven praise His name.
All who live come join the chorus, find the words His love proclaim…
Find the words His love proclaim.

One response to “Anthem For Christmas (Hino para o Natal)

  1. Que beleza, Zé de Portugal!
    Obrigada e Boas Festas!

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