A realidade sobre a crise da dívida em Portugal, Espanha e na União Europeia.

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In Portugal, non-financial companies (NFCs) have debt that is 16 times their pre-interest profit. An interest rate of little over 6 per cent would wipe that profit out. In Spain the numbers are 12 times and 8 per cent, respectively. So its entire NFC sectors are junk – a designation that kicks in at a ratio of about 10 times. …

I present some basic statistics to highlight the problem in Europe. In short, there exists a deleterious positive feedback loop between overly leveraged banks and their sovereigns in key markets. …

… So because of totally contrived institutions — these dumb pseudo countries that don’t have their own currencies — and a silly belief in numbers, we’re getting this situation where the poor most pony up to bail out the rich.

Nota: Desculpem, mas não tenho tempo para traduzir.

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