O colapso da Economia europeia explicado em 3 minutos.(repetição)

Cada vez mais a propósito…(1)

… How can broke economies lend money to other broke economies who haven’t got any money because they can’t pay back the money the broke economy lent to the other broke economy and shouldn’t have lended to in the first place because a broke economy can’t pay back? …

tradução (tentada): … Como é que economias falidas emprestam dinheiro a outras economias falidas que não têm dinheiro porque não conseguem pagar o dinheiro que a economia falida emprestou à outra economia falida e nem devia ter emprestado para começar porque uma economia falida não pode pagar? …

… Italy has the biggest sovereign-debt market in Europe and the third-biggest in the world. It has €1.9 trillion ($2.6 trillion) of sovereign debt outstanding, 120% of its GDP, three times as much as Greece, Ireland and Portugal combined—and far more than the €250 billion or so left in the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), the currency club’s rescue kitty. Default would have calamitous consequences for the euro and the world economy. …
(On the edge, Jul 14th 2011, The Economist)
… Europe’s banks need to add capital if they are to withstand the effects of a debt restructuring in Greece, Portugal or Ireland. But that has been the case for well over a year and yet they have still dragged their heels on recapitalisation. …
(Ignoring the obvious, Jul 15th 2011, The Economist)


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