Purified (Purificado).

How can it be that every time
I’ve lost myself and I’ve gone out of line
You’re there
And why is it that when I’m such a wreck
I look at the life that I want to forget
You remind me I’m okay

You make me feel alive
You make me feel like I
Have something to believe in
Something that feels right
When I need a hand
You give me something to believe in
I’m purified
I’m Purified

How can you tell when I’m on the edge
My heart’s unrefined and about to give in
You see right through my flaws
And how do you know when nothing is clear
The right things to say so I can heal
And face another day
I hope you never go away

The first ray of light after the storm
When all my limits return to norm
So many pieces, now just one
I feel like life has just begun


One response to “Purified (Purificado).

  1. Lindissima…não conhecia…obrigada pela partilha!

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